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    How does the carving machine change the knife

    Date:2019-05-31 Click:49

    Usually precision carving machine is divided into automatic knife change and manual knife change these two, this needs to choose according to the customer's actual needs which knife change mode. Fine carving machine if the use of tool types less, one or two kinds of tools with manual knife change can not delay a lot of production time, but for the size of the lines, diverse, the use of tool types of products, the use of manual knife change will greatly delay the production time, reduce the production efficiency. Then the automatic tool changing equipment can solve the problem of slow change of users multi - tool processing. So what is the process of knife change in precision carving machine? Below small make up to tell you:

    1. Lift the tool to the highest position in the Z axis of the machine tool. When the current processing program ends, lift the spindle to the zero point of the machine tool first.

    2. The spindle stops running and the cutting fluid turns off. When the cutter leaves the workpiece to a safe position, the spindle stops running and the cutting fluid turns off.

    3. Move Z axis to tool change position.

    4. Launch of knife library.

    5, return the knife action, put the tool on the spindle back to the knife library. Raise spindle to safe height.

    6, take the knife action, machine tool Z spindle move to the next tool number change tool position, cone hole clean open, spindle to take the knife, raised to the zero position of the machine tool.

    7. Pull back the knife.

    The knife change mode of the fine carving machine with knife bank, its standard match is equipped with 6-8 tool holders, according to the requirements of processing products, you can choose to place different kinds of knives. Such as a need 4 kind of cutter carved products, product specification is less than or equal to half of the table, it can process the same two products at the same time, two sets of tools placed in the area of the left and right sides, respectively, set up procedures, two products can be simultaneously carving, a tool after carving, the system will automatically release the tool to put it back to the original screens, and then into the next process need to use the tool, the tool change fast, precise, dispense with the artificial tool change time, greatly increased the production efficiency.