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    1. The processing of dislocation, or the wrong size

    1, check the transmission chain transmission gap size
    2, check the engraving path is correct or not; 
    3, check the gap size and the degree of fastening screw; 
    4, check the software parameter settings are correct or not; 
    5, check whether the grounding wire; 
    6, check whether the computer virus.

    2. To solve the common faults of carving machine

    1, the machine is not energized. Check whether the start button is connected and the button is normal; check the AC contactor is normal; check the emergency stop switch is normal; check the fuse is normal.
    2, fine spindle does not turn or reverse. Check the setting of the parameters of the frequency converter; whether the signal line of the inverter is connected; check whether the spindle motor is normal or not. 
    3, processing depth varies. The control card is loose or fault; stepping motor fault; spindle motor fault; frequency interference or data set error; Z motor drive line fault; fault or current subdivision and software settings are not consistent; electrostatic interference; computer virus or system. 
    4, over limit phenomenon. Check whether the engraving path exceeds the carving range; the soft limit of parameter setting in the software; 
    5, smashing knife phenomenon. Z axis motor power is not enough, coupling loose; Z shaft drive current is too small, or the signal line is wrong; check the Z axis motor line is plugged.

    3. Why carved machine back to the mechanical origin of workpiece after the origin are not the same

    The machine deviation occurs, every time back to the mechanical origin, the origin of the workpiece are not the same, make the products of partial overlap, can coordinate with corresponding tool tool in the past are not in the same position that was also serious when even to the tool, the emergence of this situation, in addition to the control system, the machine software, driver, motor and mechanical parts to outside, may lead to these problems are as follows.
    1, the origin of the switch contact is aging, direct replacement of a carved machine origin switch. 
    2, the origin switch is loose, check whether the loosening of screws fixed origin switch, the original switch installation sheet metal (iron) is loose and soft deformation. 
    3, If the sticky oil carved machine origin switch, excessive dust and sticky cutting debris with air gun dry after cleaning, please.

    4. The difference between the processing center, milling machine, carving machine

    Conceptually speaking:
    Machining center: CNC machine tools with a high degree of numerical control of the tool library and automatic tool changer. It can be used for milling, drilling, boring, reaming processing and tapping and other procedures, the main function is milling. 
    The machine spindle speed is very high, the torque is small, highlight the "carved" function, mainly for the processing of organic materials such as glass, plate; 
    Milling machine: can the sculpture, can also increase the milling, engraving and milling machine spindle and servo motor power based on engraving machine, bed capacity, while maintaining high speed spindle, which is high precision. 
    From the technical index data: 
    The maximum speed of the spindle (r/min): processing center can reach 12000rpm; milling machine engraving machine to 60000-100000rpm reached 30000rpm. 
    The spindle machining center spindle power: the maximum power, from a few kilowatts to tens of kilowatts have a smaller chance; engraving, generally in the thousands of watts or less; the minimum power carving machine. 
    Cutting capacity: processing center, especially suitable for heavy cutting, hair embryo processing; engraving and milling machine is suitable for processing fine carved machine is suitable for fine processing. 
    From the comparison of accuracy, the accuracy of the three machines 
    From the application object: 
    The machining center processing of various molds and parts machining, engraving and milling machine is mostly used for processing soft metal products, especially suitable for processing of copper, graphite; engraving machine is suitable for processing color plates, acrylic, glass and other materials with high hardness processing, suitable for high-end chip, metal polishing etc..

    5. Production process of mobile phone glass cover plate

    1, material: the whole glass open into small pieces of glass, size, size is slightly larger than the final product can be 15-20mm, and then enter the single ultrasonic cleaning clean, and then go on to the next step will be expected to open up production; material processing, processing and customer drawings consistent shape;
    2, slot: according to the requirements of the drawings, will require slot products for slotting, completed by carving machine; 
    3, down side: Car finished products for edge grinding processing (straight edge bevel a fix, reach) the appearance and performance requirements according to customer requirements; 
    4, carved: mainly will need to punch and step general process to do glass products; 
    5, flat grinding: the reverse side of the finished product selection of flat grinding equipment according to the surface finish and the thickness of the glass, the control of flat grinding. 
    6, strengthen the flat grinding cleaning products: complete clean after hardening, the surface hardness of glass and improve the anti impact performance, to meet customer requirements; to be good tempered flat grinding, flat grinding after tempering to a few minutes, and then the ultrasonic cleaning, enter the plating or screen printing process; 
    7, electroplating or silk screen, will be flat to complete the white film products for electroplating or screen printing effect, to achieve the desired lens effect; 
    8, lens cleaning: screen printing or electroplating good lens, ultrasonic cleaning agent added into cleaning, after cleaning the lens is scratched, milling, white spots, watermark, finger print, dust left in the above is not allowed. 
    9, packaging: the effect of processing to complete and meet customer requirements of products for cleaning, inspection, packaging, packaging, packaging with low viscosity protective film, film can not be bubble phenomenon.

    6. Carved machine rules for safe operation

    1, the machine must be checked and confirmed that the cooling system of the motor in the carving and engraving process (pump) and lubrication system (pump) is working properly; 
    2,The spindle carved machine rotates it is strictly prohibited to touch, to avoid accidental injury; 
    3, pay attention to clean up debris often movement carved machine box body, in order to ensure the normal work of the machine; 
    4, clamping the workpiece must be installed according to the actual, mounted, flat principle, is strictly prohibited in the material on the sculpture; in order to prevent the deformation of the material, the thickness of the material than the depth of the sculpture in 2mm above; 
    5, CNC engraving machine in the clamping tool before the clamping head within the debris to clean up; 
    6, the tool clamping, must first be card is screwed with the locking nut is placed, assembled to the engraving machine spindle, the tool is inserted into the card first, then the upper knife wrench slowly locking nut; handling tools, elastic nut disable push-pull mode, with rotation; 
    7, the machine tool with clamping head length according to the engraving depth, workpiece and fixture whether interference is determined, to meet the above conditions to take short; 
    8, Beam and plate carved machine machine is prohibited to place anything, to avoid falling injuries; 
    9, CNC engraving machine operation process, prohibited personnel lying on the machine to push, but not allowed to sit or lean on the machine; 10, carved machine processing must be the correct definition of X, Y, Z axis of the knife point, the tool is changed, must immediately redefine Z axis tool, X Y axis tool start point can not be changed; 
    11, the use of Microset definition knife point is prohibited engraving machine spindle rotation, to prevent the bad bar tool, forbidden to tool injection, oiling, not needing a cup will Microset cover; 
    In 12, carved machine start processing (knife), to put his hands on the machine red emergency switch, an accidental conditions immediately press; 
    13, when the knife is strictly prohibited to use a wrench to knock the card head; 
    14, after processing to turn off the power, the machine of workpiece inspection, packing tools, measuring tools, cleaning machine carved machine and ground, fill in "equipment records". 
    The above practical carved machine safety operation specifications issued by Shenzhen Yuanyang Xiangrui Machinery Co. Ltd, finishing, only to learn the reference, please indicate the source. 

    7. Carved machine maintenance

    1 The following work carried out once a month, in the maintenance process, the need to ensure the opening of positive pressure seal.Open the door, 1 X Y, the Z axis of the cover, the tiger skin, it will retract, and then clean up the screw and guide rail on the chip and dirt; manual to guide screw, gas reciprocating minutes, several times, will be out of the dirty oil to clean up; the process is repeated two to three times. Finally, clean the waste under the table.
    2 check the screw nut screw and nut seat and screw at the front and rear mount looseness; check the coupling screw loose. Manual to the lead screw, rail refueling, the refueling process will be X, Y, Z axis of the full stroke reciprocating several times so that the lubricant can be evenly attached to the surface of the moving parts.
    3 check the optical inspection and trip switch wiring loose, whether the connection is reliable; light check block and stroke switch block position is changed, the screw is loose, whether or not with other parts scratch phenomenon.
    4 Hand carved machine push pull, shake the Z shaft connecting plate, screw head and Z shaft plate check for loose screws; check the towline board and Z shaft connecting plate fixed loose.

    8. Daily maintenance of carving machine

    1 every time before work, after work, to clean the work site and machine tools, so that the machine does not accumulate inside the chip, no stains on the ground without waste water, no debris on the control cabinet, keep the machine clean.
    2 carved machine every day before work must check the refrigerator temperature (about 2-3 degrees lower than room temperature) storage and coolant (if the water is too small, you need to add pure water), to ensure the cooling water cooler after opening unobstructed.
    3 check the working condition of positive pressure seal before work every day, the air pressure is 0.1-0.15MPa, the lower end of the main shaft has a uniform airflow (every hour need to be checked).
    4 each tool change, clean up the spindle motor casing, shaft, nut, tool clamping head scraps and powder, avoid dust suction motor caused by motor damage in cleaning machine must ensure open positive pressure sealing.
    5 after cleaning fixture scraps cooling tank top; every day before work, the filter needs cleaning the cooling box at the rear (found coolant effluent is small, also need to clean the filter), in order to ensure the normal circulation of cooling liquid.
    6 And stop every time before work, stop the spindle, with a clean cloth to wipe the dirt to the lower end of the main shaft.
    7 for important parts, must be treated with rust.