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    Engraving machine bearing installation should pay attention to matters

    Date:2019-05-24 Click:40

    Precision engraving machine is a kind of CNC machine tools, its precision requirements are more strict, if the quality of accessories or installation quality is not good will directly affect the processing accuracy. That small make up take you to see what should pay attention to specific?

    The accessories with great influence are the screw guide rail, among which the precision of the screw is closely related to the bearing. Only after the bearing is installed, can the high precision of the screw be achieved. The two are mutual.

    1. Firstly, the necessary tools and tools should be prepared for installation, and the type and specification of the screw guide rail and the bearing should be confirmed to match during installation;

    2, the second is in the installation of cleaning work must be in place, do not let the powder tip of the small debris attached to it, because the precision carving machine belongs to high-precision equipment, even a very small dust can affect the accuracy;

    3, and when installing the bearing to see whether it has the appearance of rust or corrosion, confirm that there is no problem before installation. Installation must be strictly good assembly, so the precision of the carving machine will not be a problem.